Why Hybrid Structures?

Hybrid structures specialise in the construction of solid wood structures using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue laminated beams and columns (Glulam), high performance timber cassettes and structural steelwork.

Our people’s knowledge and expertise in the utilisation of these materials is at the forefront of the industry and we have unrivalled experience in using these products both on their own but also combined.

The Hybrid Structures approach is unique, our approach is to use materials where they are best suited, or where they are able to offer the client the best performance for the structure as a whole. This is because Hybrid Structures have no bias to any one material. We have an open approach in explaining to the client the options that are available to them and advising on the best solution.

Definition of a Hybrid Structure

A ‘Hybrid Structure’ – is a method of designing structures utilising different materials to create unique buildings and spaces. The concept of a hybrid structure is not to limit the designer to use just one material, but to allow them the freedom to explore different materials to compliment the vision of the project, and assist with meeting many objectives that a scheme is trying to achieve – aesthetics, thermal, sustainability, local impact or to remove small barriers in a project.

This type of construction is used to offer a mixed material solution to meet all demands of a project including environmental, structural, cost requirements. This is achieved through using each material in the most appropriate manner. Key benefits that are often realised are:

  • Reduced programme
  • Reduced deliveries
  • Reduced number of operatives on site
  • Reduced working at height
  • Reduced noisy works
  • Lightweight structural solution
  • Savings in site preliminaries – due to speed of construction
  • Improved cash flow due to early completion
  • Quicker return on investment

About Hybrid Structures

Specialising in the design, manufacture and construction of structures using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glulam beams, timber cassettes

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In the Commercial, Residential and Educational sectors often a hybrid frame utilising more than one type of material offers considerable benefits

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