Core Solutions

At the heart of every business there is a USP that the company offers to its stakeholders. Hybrid Structures believe that our understanding of a diverse range of materials means we are able to advise on multiple systems.
Below are examples of system combinations that have been used in the past:

• Pure CLT
• Pure Glulam
• Structural Cassettes
• Hybrid Structure – CLT and Glulam
• Hybrid Structure – Glulam and structural cassette
• Hybrid Structure – Steel and CLT
• Hybrid Structure – Steel and Glulam
• Hybrid Structure – Steel, CLT and Glulam
• Hybrid Structure – Steel, Glulam and structural cassette
• Hybrid Structure – Steel, Glulam, CLT and structural cassettes

Through our knowledge and experience in providing the above Hybrid Structures are able to give practical advice on different solutions to enable all stakeholders to make an informed decision on the most practical solution for a project.
To do this we need to be able to understand the key drivers for the project as there are often different reasons why one solution is best suited over another. Below are some of the most common reasons:

• Cost
• Quicker return on investment
• Speed of construction
• Aesthetics
• Environmental
• Reduce on site activities
• Improved health and safety e.g. reduce working at height hours


Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a structural solid timber panel used to make structural walls, floors and roofs

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Glulam Laminated structural timber beams are often used in lieu of structural steelwork beams and columns

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William Hare utilise traditional steelwork fabrication techniques as well as innovative robotic welding lines

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Structural timber cassettes are uniquely designed to suit the acoustic, thermal and structural requirements of a project

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